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Self-assessment taxation

Our favourite part of the taxation community! Your money is yours. We are here to make sure you’re in the best position financially. We have highlighted tax planning for Directors and Landlords.



Whether it be obtaining finance, dealing with taxes, selecting insurances, registering in the union or even online banking - The “to do” list seemingly doesn’t get any smaller! Let us help you get you started.



Some of the benefits of using our payroll services include, having peace of mind that you are keeping HMRC happy in terms of payroll and RTI regulations and it frees up your time in relation to training staff on payroll procedures.



Believe it or not, there are individuals out there who need help with Social Media. They aren’t sure whether to get setup, or even how to get on this ‘social media’ hype. We can set you up overnight.


The transition from ‘benefits’ to ‘working’ can be a stressful area when planning your cash flow. We can help you to complete claims and minimise the risk of an overpayment being collected back by HMRC.



You wouldn’t try to remove your own tooth, so why complete your own HMRC enquiry? Enquiries can last years and can really drain your resources for your day to day trading. Let us deal with it for you.



VAT is a complex part of the taxation system. Imagine, if you could get someone else to do it for you! We can save you time and potential heart ache by filing accurate returns in a timely manner utilising our VAT specialists.


We’ve been told by our clients that the most important part of the accounting world is getting your ‘year end’ together. Finding the time and locating the documents can be a thing of the past. Avoid it with cloud accounting.


National Insurance

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Construction Industry

Penalties for the construction industry can mount up quickly if you are not timely with your CIS returns. With IR35 guidance hanging in the background, we can provide self employed contracts.