Who is Kelly Anstee?

Described as ‘an accountant that breaks the mould’, Taxswag founder Kelly Anstee inspires her clients to become more connected. With a bold goal to help build a world in which the vast majority of self employed people go home everyday feeling fulfilled by their work and excited about their horizons, Kelly is leading a movement to inspire clients to be inspired with their technology and marketing roots, whilst remaining compliant with HMRC of course.

An experienced accountant, she has been working in this Industry since 2002 and has been featured locally on the radio and nationally online in her blog (reporting tax stings 18 months before the media did).


Fascinated by the internet, Kelly has been Social Networking since 2003 and has discovered some remarkable patterns about how internet users think, act and communicate and knows the environments in which people operate at their natural best. She devoted her spare time to sharing her thinking in order to help business leaders to inspire action.

She is best known for creating the Social Media presence. She ran educational workshops for 2 years for many local businesses including Cambridge based Solicitors Barr Ellison and Newmarket based nightclub Innocence.

Kelly shares her optimism with all who will listen. She speaks at Networking events (including ones she has setup herself in the past). She also visits secondary schools in Cambridge to teach them about how to get into accountancy. She is active on Twitter and shares her knowledge on her business blog Taxswag.


Kelly is a highly regarded, qualified accountant who has been practising as an accountant for half her life and she specialises in solving problems you didn’t know you had, in ways you don’t need to understand so that you can enjoy running a more profitable business!


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