After leaving secondary school in 2002 (no age jokes please!) I never thought I'd be rolling back into the halls to inspire the children of the future #whoisyouraccountant

It is such an exciting (and somewhat challenging) prospect - to think I am able to share my story with the students and influence a future generation of business leaders! My aim is to let them know that you CAN build something from an idea/vision no matter what background or hardships you face. Dedication and hard work will always pay off.

I’d like to be able to save students from blacklisting themselves and their financial future - of course to inspire them to create a future they will love.  

I want to give something back to one of the schools that helped me become the "me" that "you" see in front of you today.

Big thanks to Netherhall Sixth Form and North Cambridge Academy for letting me come along! #TaxSwag

From The Future Netherhall.jpg

#TaxSwag were asked to go along to a Finance, Business & Law carousel for Netherhall's 6th form students (Ages 16-17).

We discussed careers, education and the ladders in between. There was a practical example of how to produce a net profit and calculate tax and national insurance. There were clearly some accountants in the making in that sixth form!

Turns out I knew the guy who ran the 6th form too. Really is a small world! Advice on how to get on the career ladder is always available and we are more than happy to help you in getting that door opened.

The students were great, thanks for the input and a great morning!

#TaxSwagOnTour #WhoIsYourAccountant

— at Netherhall Sixth Form.