7 days to go.... there are 50 kids that need your help in Cambridge

The Becket Gym has been the nucleus of boxing community in Cambridge for the past 5 years.


The only boxing gym in Cambridge to have housed 100s of boxers of all shapes, sizes and cultures under 1 roof via our social inclusion policy and has demonstrated an aptitude for producing national and British champions over the years. Whats more, all of this has been done with volunteers.

The coaches and committee work continuously to keep this non profit organisation running. Unfortunately, the current premises in Mill Road is being demolished which leaves around 50 kids (4-15 years) and 80 adults without a place to train. Which will undoubtedly have a negative effect on the community. We have to vacate the property by September 23rd.

The committee has been fortunate enough to secure different premises local to the current gym in Cambridge City Centre and have been given lifetime security, which is an unbelievable achievement for the gym, its members and volunteers. We have been given a moving-in date of 1st October, however before we can move in, the gym has to be renovated including soundproofing the floor and a wall. As well as purchasing a new boxing ring (made to measure) and gym floor matting. The danger is that we don’t secure enough funds and as a result are unable to move into the new gym.

Social inclusion for 4-15 year olds;

It can be difficult to access funding for initiatives to address social isolation through social activities; health promotion and wellness activities. The connection between health, quality of life and social inclusion is very clear and we believe this gym leverages it well, thank you Gary & Carlos!! - Kelly Anstee CEO of #TaxSwag

We are reaching out to our members, the local community and businesses. Any help would be much appreciated, and sponsorship opportunities are also available.

Thank you

Kelly Anstee