Companies House

One of my favourite times of year is my birthday, I mean who doesn't want to celebrate the day they entered the world. Fabulous things happen, seeing your favourite people, doing your favourite things. Even if it's skipping work for the day I never thought that my business' birthday could potentially mean so much for me, and the business - you know 'us'. I've come to learn from Companies House that if you are late filing your Annual Return in the future, they will seek to make entries on your company's credit file and not good ones obviously.

Usually, we are reminded of such 'important' dates in the business world. Unfortunately though, Companies House only issue correspondence once you have missed the deadline. It has become more important than ever to have this date in the diary. I'd like to hope that they will start to issue reminders prior to the deadline way ahead of them beginning this new approach.

This 'important' deadline is the date your company was incorporated - the 'birthday' of your company.

On a separate note I also understand that HMRC are looking to add personal tax debts to the credit system, this could seriously effect your credit fileΒ without realising it's even on there!

We are here to help with entering and navigating the credit system, reviewing credit files and of course the expected advice on tax bills and HMRC.