Does your accountant do your banking?

Probably one of the most tedious part of accountancy preparation is listing the bank account. Taxswag suggests that you save your accountant time (which saves you money!) by downloading your bank statements into a spreadsheet format.


Heres the instructions for a Natwest Bank account download

Go to:

  •  Login with your customer number
  • Enter your PIN
  • Enter your password
  • Select “statements” (on the left hand side)
  • Select “download transactions” (about half way down the page)
  • Select period “historic transactions”
  • Select download to “Microsoft Excel, Lotus, Text (CSV file)
  • Select each “tickbox” for each bank account that is required
  • Select “next”
  • Insert the dates required “start” and “end”
  • Double check that you have selected “Microsoft Excel, Lotus, Text (CSV file) and the correct bank accounts
  • Select “next”
  • Check the confirmation details (if any are incorrect go back a page and reselect)
  • Select “Download transactions”