Do we really have to 'pay' tax?

We go to work, and when we're there... we work hard. Very hard. Sometimes we work so hard that we wonder why we go to work. Well we all know it's not to give the tax man half of it. Which begs the question, "how can I avoid paying the tax on all my hard earned money" We all know the thought of paying tax on our hard earned money to Government is UGLY. In fact it's so UGLY, its OOGLY. I have to remind my clients, friends, family, associates, in fact any human being that walks this earth, that we don't PAY tax. The Government TAKES it. Once you have this 'take' and not 'pay' attitude towards your tax... your mind will be open to ways of making your tax deductions, attractive.

This is a skill though, making tax attractive. A very important skill, admired by many.  Accountants are these skilled people. Which enables them to give the self employed  what they want. Attractive tax bills. What we like to call "taxswag".