3 Steps To Stop Your IPhone Memory From Running Out!

One of the day to day frustrations concerning #iphoneproblems is I was always having to delete my photos/videos/apps from my IPhone in order to stop that ANNOYING MESSAGE 'memory running low'. Thing is I know that I am not the only one to have this problem... but I do have a fix for that...


> Download Dropbox to your IPhone

> Create account and login

> Go to settings - Camera Upload - 'On'*

(*To avoid extra mobiles charges, do not use the 'Use cellular data' option. This will ensure that it will only backup with a Wifi connection)

If you are comfortable with Dropbox having your Location Access to, then click 'background uploading'. This will mean that when your phone picks up a wifi signal, it will automatically back it up to Dropbox instead of having to go in the App to start this process.

By simply doing the above three steps, you can now backup your iPhone memories to a cloud based website. Which means you can access it from any computer at anytime. Personally I decided to upgrade my storage plan with Dropbox. I currently hold 1000G for approx. £6 a month (and it's tax deductible).

You're welcome