3 Ways to get your Tax Refund... QUICK!

Remember that old saying under promise and over deliver? Well this is not something that runs in the HMRC offices. In fact quite the contrary. What can an accountant do to overcome the so-called "technology" HMRC staff are equipped with? Not to mention all the security checks. Somebody call security!

For an easy life I will say;

  1. Let an agent do it. Because you just wouldn't let your solicitor become your dentist and drill holes in your teeth.
  2. Ask the agent (prior to engaging them) about their experiences with HMRC timescales and their tax refund procedures.
  3. Ensure that your accountant is authorised as your agent with HMRC.

HMRC are now helping agents to reclaim the repayments through alternative methods than the tax return.

Customers of Taxswag know that their tax refunds are averaging 12 days(from the day the return is submitted to the day the money hits their account), understanding that HMRC security checks can take 12 weeks to be fully carried out. The quickest one during 2015 so far has been 5 days.

Experience is what counts when it comes to getting your money back from HMRC. Knowing what HMRC require when processing tax refunds and understanding their 'to do' list can go quite a way.

Even your way, depends on the accountant...