HMRC watching you like Big Brother!

#HMRCConnect is a serious campaign from the tax man. HMRC Connect has been kicking around for about 2 years ago, however even newspapers like The Telegraph are only talking about it this month! #whoisyouraccountant #Taxswag is here as ever, to remind you of what HMRC are actually capable of (and it's a LOT!). They have the ability to view your 'world' online along with your tax return of course. Kinda like a online 'Big Brother'. In fact, it is a LOT like Big Brother - HMRC being BB!

Where do #HMRConnect get their information from? What does this mean for the taxpayer in general? Well in this digital world HMRC can draw information from practically anywhere online.

And with the introduction of the new digital tax return on it's way, there really is NO hiding 

So for instance;

Social Media 

Facebook they can see that really nice holiday you had (which by the way, your insurance company wouldn't cover you for if you publicly admitted you were leaving your house empty for a week or two and subsequently got robbed!)

Online Selling Sites

Ebay, Amazon, Gumtree..... anywhere you can sell ANYTHING!


> Via the DVLA website where they can see what motor you are driving (and whether or not you can afford it based on the profit(s)/income that you have declared on your tax return.


Banks (including savings accounts and offshore accounts)

Online Selling Sites (Amazon, Gumtree, Ebay etc)




Telephone Calls on your mobile phone.

The list goes on and on and on. We all know that nothing can be deleted form the internet... not really! Definite food for thought.