It's easy to find a new accountant

Keeping clients is an important part of the relationship here I'll explain what works for me.

I often ask my clients why they stay (I passionately believe in customer service) and this was one response I received:-

Kelly sources me new work through Social Media. She promotes my business through her online networking channels. She taught me the basics to get me started on Social Media and now she comes out on a 1-2-1 basis when I need it. She provides a soundboard for me; covering anything from the latest industry news to where I could get my dog trained! She completes my tax returns (on time) oooh and she prepares my accounts in the most tax efficient manner. I take the latter for granted though – that is an accountant’s job description after all

That’s something you wouldn’t have heard 5 years ago. Mind you, I was dabbling in Social Media back in the Faceparty days (that’s right, not Facebook)…. For those who aren’t familiar with this ‘phase’ of Social Media it was back in 2004.

With hindsight (beautiful as it is) I now see that I was miles ahead of the Social Media game, I was already avoiding email as a contact method, and was sourcing it online. It’s now 2014 and I’m so happy that I can provide this service to my clients (and their clients). Ironically Facebook was banned from many workplaces during 2006/07 and now it’s promoted as a business tool!

You can hear me in Show 8 “Professional Firms and Social Media”

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